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Event Mount

You can use the @click to bind the event to the element. We also support the @change and @submit event.
  • @change
  • @reset
  • @submit
  • @click
  • @focus
  • @blur
  • @input
  • and more

Variable Mount

You can use the {{ }} to bind the variable to the element. And it will update automatically. It can be a string, number, boolean, array, object, but now it can't be a function. You can define the variable in the data object. Example: {{ text }}

Special Attribute

You can use the to bind these attributes to the element.
  • #value
  • #show
  • #if
#value if can be used to bind the value of the input element, and it will update automatically.

Play something

You can use the Yu object to do something.
This is a JSON:
{{ play }}